This is ultra cycling

A non-stop ultra cycling event on the legendary roads of France

Race Across France is a non-stop ultra cycling event on the legendary roads of France. You have to complete 2500 km through the hardest climbs and beautiful landscapes, ascend more than 40’000 meters, in less than 7 days. To achieve this challenge, you will have to ride days and nights, assisted by a strong team behind you. You will have to go through all 25 time stations, with two eliminatory ones. The accomplishment feeling waiting for you at the end goes beyond all expectations. This is ultra cycling.

For professional and amateur riders

Race Across France is intended for professional and amateur riders, and requires a strong training and a supportive crew. You will have to handle food, sleep, weather and many others unexpected events.

Comes in three different races

Race Across France comes in three different races :  Sprint (350 km), Challenge (1100 km) and Ultra (2600 km). You can compete in categories : solo, teams of 2, 4 and 8, male, female and mixed. Competing in a team means that only one rider is riding at a time, all the others riders are travelling with the support team. We also introduce a self-support category for the lonely riders.

Race Across France – 2, rue Auguste Chabrières – 75015 Paris