The race

Race Across France

A 2600 km
non-stop race

Race Across France is a 2600 km non-stop race, including 40’000 meters ascending elevation. To be a finisher, you have to complete this distance in less than 7 days.


Categories (including male, female and mixed)
• Solo
• 2-person team
• 4-person team
• 8-person team
• Self-support

of legend

You will ride through many different landscapes, including iconic peaks and roads of France. 

To finish this race, you must be followed by your support crew. They will have to handle for your food, sleep and health condition. If you ride in a team, the other riders will be with the crew while one rider is cycling.

New challengers will discover ultra distance cycling in two alternative races : Race Across France Sprint (350 km) and Race Across France Challenge (1100 km). These two races are not accessible to all categories.

Race Across France is a race created by Arnaud Manzanini, RAAM finisher in solo and duo categories, owning two UMCA world records. Our motivation is to promote ultra distance cycling in France through an international event, and to prepare french riders for Race Across America.

Race Across France – 2, rue Auguste Chabrières – 75015 Paris